Forms and Information

Listed here are all the forms you need! Search below to find the form that fits your needs, for new families and current students alike. Click on the name of the form for a downloadable PDF version of the form. Some forms must be printed, completed and turned in to the school office, and others can be completed electronically, saved and emailed to .

2021-2022 School Year Forms for new students


Download: Records Release (for new students only)


2021-2022 School Year Forms

Download: Tuition and Shepherd's Care Rates

Download: Handbook 2021-22

Download: Emergency Form 2021-2022 -  Fillable

Download: Continuing Students Registration 2021-2022 - Fillable

Download: Re-Enrollment Contract (current students) - Fillable

Download: Drop-off/Pick-up Procedure Handout 2021-22

Download: Technology/Internet Policy 2021-22

Download: Children's Choir Informational Flyer

Download: Children's Choir Enrollment Form 

Download: Children's Singing Schedule 2021-22

Download: Earthquake Supply List 2021-22

Download: Kindergarten Supply List 2021-22

Download: 1st Grade Supply List 2021-22

Download: 2nd Grade Supply List 2021-22

Download: 3rd/4th Grade Supply List 2021-22

Download: 5th/6th Grade Supply List 2021-22

Download: 7th/8th Grade Supply List 2021-22



Planned Absence Form

If your child will be missing school for any reason, this form must be filled out and turned in to the office. Please note: this form must be turned in 2 weeks before the date of the absence for the absence to be excused, except under special circumstances.